Saturday, April 10, 2010

How long will it last?

I am often asked by home buyers and sellers how long home components will last. Finally, I’ve found a study of life expectancy of home components put out by the National Association of Home Builders and the Bank of America Home Equity. While the life expectancies of the components of a home depends on the quality of installation and how the item is used and maintained, there are some averages that were calculated after polling manufacturers, trade associations and researchers. Here are some of the findings:
Air conditioning unit: 10-15 years
Appliances: gas range:15 years
Asphalt driveway:15-20 years
Carpet: 8-10 years
Decks: wood-20 years
Dehumidifier: 8 years
Dishwashers: 9 years
Dryer: 13 years
Faucets: 15
Freezer: 11 years
Furnace: 15-20 years
Garage door openers:10-15 years
Gutters: aluminum-30 years, copper - 100
Humidifier: 8 years
Kitchen sink: 50
Linoleum flooring: 25 years
Microwave: 9 years
Paint: 15 years
Pool: concrete shell - over 25 years, interior plaster and tile - 10-25 years
Refrigerators: 13 years
Roofing: asphalt shingles - 20 years, fiber cement shingles - 25 years, wood shakes-30 years.
Sprinklers & valves: 20 years
Vinyl flooring: 50 years
Water heater: gas or electric-10 years, tankless-more than 20
Whirlpool tub: 20-50 years, depending on use
Windows: aluminum-15-20 years, wood-30 years+
Wood flooring: 100 years or more

For more details on life expectancies of home components, go to "publications" and "NAHB Reports" at

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