Friday, December 2, 2011

Who me? Sell during the holidays? Are you kidding?

No, actually I'm not!  Selling during the last 2 months of the year can be a very strategic move.  Often other listings will come off the market during this time, so you could end up being the fresh new listing the buyers have been waiting for.  Supply is down and demand is often up during November and December as buyers try to find a new home before the end of the year.  Often people who are relocating have a deadline to buy if they want to take advantage of their company's generous relocation assistance.  I've met more than one buyer who is anxiously combing the listings looking for something new.

Besides the supply and demand aspect, there is also the fact that many sellers will decorate for the holidays and this "staging" makes your home look better than ever.  Add some smells of cookies in the oven and some holiday music and buyers are picturing themselves in front of the fireplace with a mug of cocoa and a good book.

At the end of November I had the opportunity to list a lovely home for sale.  I did an extensive market analysis and then noted how low the inventory was and priced the home accordingly.  My open house on day two was swamped and on day three I had not one, but three buyers writing offers.  The inspection is behind us and we are moving towards closing.  I wish I could clone that home and the sellers. They listened to my suggestions to remove wallpaper, paint and stage.  Viola...the home sold just as I said it would!  The lucky buyers are so excited to be moving in and hope for a closing before the end of December.  A new year in a new home...what could be nicer?

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