Thursday, June 21, 2012

Top States for Washington In-Migration

The state of Washington continues to enjoy economic growth.  Top employers such as Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, Nordstroms, University of Washington, and more draw people from all over the world.  In May 2012, 10,269 adults obtained their driver's license in Washington, after leaving their home state or country.  This is 52 more than May 2011. While net migration out of Washington is not as accurate, due to incomplete reporting of surrendered licenses, we see a total of 3127 licenses surrendered.  Where are all these new arrivals coming from?  According to the Department of Licensing, drivers are migrating from all states and many countries, but the top five states are, in order:

1. California: 1832
2. Oregon: 1287
3. Texas: 598
4. Arizona: 517
5. Idaho: 415

Incidentally, California, Oregon and Texas are historically the top three in-migration states. 

Other locations outside the United States that top the in-migration list for May 2012 include:

1. British Columbia: 83
2. Korea: 70
3. India: 51
4. Mexico: 40
5. China: 25

For more information on driver migration, check out Washington's Department of Licensing statistics.

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