Sunday, December 22, 2013

Why Coldwell Banker Bain?

When I moved to the Pacific Northwest over four years ago, I left behind in Michigan a successful real estate practice.  Faced with the daunting task of starting over, I began the process by investigating which brokerage to associate with.  I knew there were some companies that stood out more than others as influential in the area, so decided to investigate those first.

In real estate, a broker approaches a brokerage and asks for an interview.  There is no need to wait for an ad in the newspaper or an opening posted on the web as brokerages are always "hiring."  As a broker, you are an independent contractor looking for a place to hang your hat.  Realtors are not given a salary or benefits, rather they earn a commission, and each brokerage structures their commission arrangement differently.  Sharing commission is how brokerages stay in business and how they can offer support to their agents.  With the variations, it can seem like comparing apples to oranges at times, but commissions are only one piece of the puzzle.  There are brokerages that promise the best "splits" in order to encourage agents to work for them, but they may lack in other areas, such as education and support.

When I went to my first interview, I was impressed with many of the features of the brokerage, but I came away feeling something did not quite fit.  The second brokerage I approached was Coldwell Banker Bain.  I knew that Coldwell Banker Bain was a big name in the greater Seattle area and so arranged an interview with the principal managing broker in the Bellevue Way office.  I was immediately at ease.  I learned this is one of the few offices that still has a weekly meeting and tour scheduled.  Agents that participate in the weekly new-to-market listing tours and interact with one another receive a great advantage in that they keep current with new listings, learn a great deal from other agents including what they think of the properties/neighborhoods, and generally get a fast education on market trends.  On top of that, Coldwell Banker Bain has an incredible education program with weekly opportunities to take free classes on every conceivable topic from assessments to technology trends to feng shui to international buyers and more.  Due in large part to this, I was convinced Coldwell Banker Bain was my new home and started working there the very next day.

Since then, Coldwell Banker Bain has continued to grow and evolve into an even better place to work.  They have added a technology department that helps Realtors with any and all technology issues and a marketing director to help agents maximize their marketing efforts.  The tech department can remove a virus from my computer, load new software on my laptop, advise me on storage options, remotely fix a computer problem and teach me how to use all the tools in my arsenal.  The marketing director can advise me on how to best achieve my goals and follow up with me throughout the year with creative ideas and encouragement.

Besides these great offerings, Coldwell Banker has over 800 international offices in 51 different countries and over 2300 offices in the US alone with a global sales force of 82,000 brokers, while other leading offices in the region are far more limited.  Because of the influence of our region's major employers drawing from a wide-ranging international base, I wanted to be part of a brokerage which had such extensive exposure, not only in the US, but also internationally. 

During my time at Coldwell Banker Bain I have enjoyed a wonderful environment in which to grow my business.  I am proud to say that last year I earned membership into Coldwell banker's President's Circle which represents the top 5% of agents worldwide, and I anticipate similar recognition this year.  The same resources that make Coldwell Banker Bain a great place to work make it a great place for my clients to be represented as well.  Buyers and sellers have amazing resources and support from an incredible staff that work hard to deliver the finest service.  I cannot imagine working anywhere else and I hope you share the Coldwell Banker Bain experience by contacting me with your real estate needs.  For now, have a wonderful Christmas season and a happy and prosperous New Year!

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